Tech geek, In-Game Photographer,
Graphic Designer, Lifelong Learner, Coffee Lover, and Curious Cat (='.'=)

Teona Mushambadze

Front End Developer

- I am a self-taught front-end developer/graphic designer who is constantly learning.
- I occasionally write blog posts about the things I learn.
- I am excited to learn new tools and technologies to solve complex problems. Check out my learning track.
- I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Tailwind, and GSAP to build software, and I am currently learning Python.
- I would love to work on challenging projects and grow as a full-stack engineer.
- I have experience with open source projects, which is highlighted here.
- To pursue a career in software development, I have pushed myself outside my comfort zone.
- I believe that the key to living a happy life is doing what you love.
For more information, please refer to my resume